Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Modest Mini Fashion Show

Our combined activity of Relief Society and the Young Women was not really fancy at all. When we heard about "fashion show", the glamorous styles are what we have already registered into our minds. But this activity is not what it means. We have simple preparations. And we wanted to teach young women and also the relief society the importance of modesty and also how they could choose the right clothes for the right purpose and desire.

We have prepared bunch of clothes. Mixed with non modest items. Their challenge is to dress up in modesty with the provided clothes to them. Each of them explain why they chose it and how they feel. Most of them were not comfortable and feel awkward with the one they chose. Some were satisfied and happy with they have chose.

Everyone was straight forward whether they are modest or not and their reasoning was quite very honest. But I know they have evaluated themselves on how they will be pleasing to God. I'm thankful for their commitment to be modest not only on how they look but also on how they feel and think.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Woven Magazine Purse

What I really like about attending Relief Society is that I am able to get to know other Sisters and also I enjoyed doing something with them. I so appreciate how they are willing to share their time and talent. I'm grateful how they are willing to learn, to help and to forget problems in a few hours and just enjoy for a while.

Just like our last Relief Society Activity, we have made purse out of old magazines by weaving technique. The theme for this activity is homemaking and our objective is to teach sisters on how to recycle old magazine and make it useful. 

Old Magazines
1 roll Clear tape adhesive 3" for covering
1 roll Clear tape adhesive 1"
Glue gun and glue stick
Velcro 3/4"


1. From the old magazines I have, I chose pages that coordinates colors. This ways your purse will look nice. 
2. Fold in half. Every one page, I can make 2 pieces of strip. I chose this width. You can make 4 strips if you want the width smaller.
3. Fold in half and towards the center.
4. Put adhesive tape to make sure this will not open when we start weaving. For the first purse I made 15 strips. It will depend on how wide and depth your purse is. It is better to plan and count before start weaving.

1. To start weaving, place 7 vertical strips. arrange this vertically and use 1" tape at the bottom of the paper strips just to hold the paper in place.
2. Start weaving. Alternately insert paper strip into the vertical strip. (Tip: Make sure you press each paper so you won't have problem during weaving and it will look messy and bulky if you won't press neatly.)
3. Make sure to place 1" tape to hold in place each time you insert paper.
4. After weaving, it either you cut the ends of the paper or fold and insert it. For me, I prefer to fold and insert. It looks neat but a little difficult. But I think every one will enjoy.

 1. Make sure which side you want to show outside. Decide where to fold. For me, I decided to fold at layer 3. Place some small tape to some points to hold. 
2. We have to cover the whole paper with 3" clear tape adhesive. This will protect our purse from water. It is better to start on the sides.
4. Press gently.
5. Fold at layer 3. Fold the remaining to cover the purse. Put adhesive on the side. Place the velcro on the center.

That's it! And here are my finished projects! :-) I'm using it now. I'm happy with it.

Hope that you understand this simple tutorial. If not, you can get resources from youtube. Here's a link for video tutorial:


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