Monday, February 8, 2016

Stake Conference Inspirations

I think every one from my stake will agree with me that all the messages we heard yesterday in our stake conference was really AMAZING! I feel I wanted to be better. My heart swells because it gladdens my heart because of the messages from the Lord.


Elder Bowen talked about accepting a new called Stake President and not compare from the old leaders. Every one has it's own style and weaknesses. This is his 2 important secrets he always remember to not compare leaders. But I think it does not apply only to leaders. It applies to all. When I heard this truth yesterday, I was reminded that I am not perfect but is trying to be. And I should humble myself always. Their is no way that I am better than the other. I hope I will be reminded always. How important it is to study the scripture always.

 I was able to relate myself of Presidents's Gorgonio's talk yesterday. His experience that "The Lord Will Find a Way" has also been my testimony when I was called as Relief Society President and when I found my husband. And to all other challenges that I had encountered. Truly the Lord has its own amazing way and in his own time. It is really a reminder and a reassurance for me.

That scripture verse that Pres. Maandig has shared is a VERY FAVORITE SCRIPTURE. It is a reminder once again to be humble, to pray and to study the scripture. I've learned a new word "EMBER". He used it to compare when a charcoal is separate from a bunch of charcoal, the flame is gone and the ember is diminishing. Is same with us when we stop to pray, we stop to study the scripture because we already did and we stop to be humble. And he shared that scripture passage that is really very NICE! There it explain it all very clearly. 

I might be wrong on how he has said this but as far as I could remember and my writing yesterday, this is what I have heard. Please correct me if I am wrong with his statement. 
But I was really thankful that Pres. Ordesta have said this. You know that feeling when you want to do something and you want others do the same. I feel encouraged and determined. I remembered Nephi have said this kind of willingness also.

There's a lot more!

                                                      See you at the next CONFERENCES!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Valentines Card Making Activity

When married couple have been together for many years already, they forgot to make love notes or a valentines card for spouses. I don't know for some it maybe true but some it's good that its the opposite and they are still doing it.

For our last year's February activity (This is a very late post.), we've chosen to have a Valentines Card Making Activity. I think everyone was excited but their were few that thinks it's only for little one or it's not necessary. Some says it is awkward. But for most they are excited to create their own very special card for their very special husbands. :-) (How sweet!)

I remembered I prepare different kinds of papers, glue, color pens and some hard papers. 

And here are the results! 

All the valentines card were given to all there husbands! And I have very good feedback from husbands.. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stake Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda

I'm thankful for my new calling but I feel really shy with new sisters that I work with. I still don't know them that much. I really admire them because they are good teachers.

And also feel a little bit nervous that I have to get to know more sisters this time.

I'd like to thank all those who have used my Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda for ward. It was very useful to me when I was serving in my ward as president. 

I thought to make for our stake during our meeting so that we can also be guided during our meeting.  I'm hoping that this could be useful also for you. 

Here it is!
I'm giving it away for you! :-)

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