Monday, April 25, 2016

My Personalized BUDGETING Style

There are have SO MANY blog post nowadays about budgeting. I feel that this topic is important to most. I also feel that many are already into budget and they, I feel are becoming more self reliant. In which, is really very helpful. I hope that everyone continue to inspires others by sharing how effective budgeting in there lives and the influence as a woman in each homes.

We had an activity early this year and it focuses on budgeting. Our new Relief Society President has invited me to share how I budget my money. I feel happy of considering me and they are excited how my PERSONALIZED BUDGETING has blessed me.

I carefully identified how I do my budgeting because I keep on googling about budgeting and how to improve it.. (@_@) I'm positive that I can find new ways from other good people who share to inspire. 

I came up with 8 STEPS

When my turn to talk about how to budget money, I gave them handout. And each step has a summary of what I mean. 

Photos No. 1 and 4 were mine and the rest are from google. My apology that I forgot to take the source. 

I'm sharing with you an editable handout which you can change to fit with you and can use for handout. 

Download: How to Budget

Thank you!

Monday, April 18, 2016

R.S. Presidency Planner

Thank you so much to all of you who really have like the Relief Society Meeting Agenda. It was viewed, shared and pinned many times. I hope that some of you have used that form because it has helped us a lot during our meeting. 

My calling as a Relief Society President is not only on Sunday Calling but it's an everyday calling. I've realized that because one time I feel down and I shared my feelings to one of the brothers. He told me that I should not give up and should not be worry because my calling is only during Sunday. I agreed to not give up. But as I pondered that, I've realized that it is not only on Sunday. When I realized that, I don't have bad feelings or have thought to ask for a release. I've come to know that I really wanted to serve, so I should not ask for release and should be grateful that the Lord has entrusted me this responsibility. Actually, I have been blessed tremendously and have been grateful for all that God has blessed me and has not blessed me.

Today, I'm happy to share with you how we organize our planning in Relief Society Organization in my ward. Finally, I'm happy we came up with this idea. Now it's easy to track down and to plan. Planning is very important. Everyone in the organization will have right direction with accompany with the Holy Ghost everything will go well. But I don't want it to be very detail that will get me disappointed. I want to exercise my faith and trust to the Lord that He will take care the rest that beyond my control.

Here is our Relief Society Planner. Not so fancy but makes a big help.


-> Cover - You can choose your own design for front cover of your planner. 

-> Relief Society List of Calling and Members: I feel this is important because we should know who are sisters have calling and how many member do we have in our ward. We can ask a copy of this from our ward secretary or the RS President can print this by signing in in the Church official website.

-> Attendance Roll: The stake presidency and the bishopric require the attendance quarterly. We have to include this in our binder. The ward secretary gave us this copy.

-> Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda: You can download this from previous post HERE.

-> Relief Society Monthly Plans: During our meeting, we included the program of Sunday for the whole month. This is easy for us during Sunday when RS President is absent or if secretary is not around. In case the assigned sisters in the program is not present, we can easily replace her with the one present.

I made some revisions to look good a little bit. :-) And I like how it looks now.

-> Relief Society Calendar of Activities: This is required by the Bishop to be submitted early. We use this form to remind us on what was our planned activity to each month. You can download this in previous post but I have new revision below.

Here's my new revision:

-> Relief Society Calling Chart Tracker: We wanted to reach out to our sisters with their calling in the Relief Society and help them magnify them. We use this to help us track the progress of sisters with their calling and if they have any concerns or difficulties handling their callings we would know directly from them and not from other people.

My new revision.

-> Relief Society Bulletin: Actually we don't keep this in our binder but we can have two copies so that we can always update our sisters on things we should study and do and for the announcements. One copy is posted in the bulletin and the other one is for the next month to be posted for replacement. You can see this in previous post also.

-> List of Lessons: We don't want to happen it when we don't know which chapter should be taught on particular Sunday. We just have to sign-in in our church official website and there we can find the lessons schedule. We gave this to the teachers and presidency. For the sisters, we made a bookmark where all the lesson schedule were written. Except for the 4th Sunday, we have to wait for the instruction and announce it to the class or write it in our Relief Society Bulletin.

-> Visiting Teaching Invitation: 

 -> Visiting Teaching Report: 

-> Visiting Teaching Supervisor's Report:

Download: Visiting Teaching Supervisor's Report

I do not intend that you follow all that I share and I've done but I'm hoping that this could give you something where you can start with your own planner. Hoping that this could give you idea and inspirations. 

THANK YOU for stopping by! Really appreciate it!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Baptism Special Ideas

We have been repeatedly reminded by our leaders, in the Church where I belong, that the most important activity in the church should be the "Baptism". And their should be no other activity that will go with the same time if their is Baptism in the church.

The leaders have reminded us that baptism should not be treated lightly. This should be the most special activity in the church. Members should wear Sunday's Best. And no one should wear slippers during baptism.

So, we have to make it SPECIAL to the one who are going to be baptized.... but it does not need to overdo.

I have been pondering on what should I do to make the newly baptized special on that day. I already got three ideas. And I'll be updating this post from time to time to share with you the ideas I came upon and have done..

Here it is!


When I was in Taiwan, I served as a nursery teacher in Daliao Ward. It was fun and I gained a lot from that experience. Their was a primary student that will be baptized in her 8 years of age. What her mother did was, she asked her daughter to draw her father baptizing her in front of the folded paper. She was also asked to make the program on the next page. She was taught how to make the program assisted by her mother and she was to choose who she like to give the part in the program.

The drawing was not perfect but it was really cute and those Chinese characters are amazing. And it touches my hearts so deeply that I cannot forget that moment. I told myself I'm going to do this when I have my own child. It was something special to the child (or to others who has given the chance to choose) because all she choose was close to her heart and they are part of her special day.

I'm sad I cannot find my copy of that program. When I find it, I'll show it to you here...

UPDATE (4.18.2016): I FINALLY FOUND THE PICTURE IN MY PERSONAL JOURNAL. SO GRATEFUL FOR MY JOURNAL! In my journal, I mentioned that this was copied in a colored paper and I also read that during the program the primary students had a presentation. How sweet it is!



I thought I could have my own child sooner but my nephew lived in us for good and we are grateful to his decision to be baptized. He was 9 years old when he was baptized. Since I had this previous experience in Taiwan, I also tried to make for my nephew. 

There are 3 of them to be baptized on that day. Since the program were already done by the Ward Secretary, we decided to make an invitations. I asked him to draw himself being baptized by someone. I coached him a little bit to make his drawing a little realistic. :-) After that, I asked him to color his drawing but my problem was how to recopy after he colored it. So, I scanned it and I colored it in paint application. And here's how it looked like. I inserted his picture. He had mistake writing his name twice and wrong spelling of "baptism" but don't worry we can fix it a later. 

My nephew was really excited of his baptism because finally he can go into the small swimming pool as he call it. hehehe... But aside from that, he is excited to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I can feel it from him. My heart melts on how things so precious.


Their is this sister in our ward that has been going to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from her primary age up to her single adult age but was not baptized. She had her own experience that lead her to baptism, finally. It was such a blessing to her and to her family. And I feel so much joy inside that she became a member of our Lord's Church which she desired for so long time. Prior from her baptism was her wedding with her husband and she was baptized by her husband. It was really something precious.

I wanted to share something to her. I prepared something not so big but of great remembrance. I got this inspiration from LEMON SQUEEZE HOME. I set up this thing before you enter the room. So, everyone could see who is the candidate for baptism. 

Here are the list:

-> I searched from Microsoft office a template. I chose one which was nice and wrote in their the introduction of the candidate. 
-> Also I printed out two copies of template for messages of those close to her and those who have attended who wants to send a message to her.
-> I prepared flowers.
-> I also prepared candies.
-> I prepared pens in different colors.
-> I got a new copy of Book of Mormon and everyone who like to share their favorite scriptures for the newly baptized sister.

I will update you soon of the latest ideas! Thank you for reading!

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